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Ресторан русской кухни ГодуновRussian people have always loved plenty and tasty to eat.Modern restaurants of Russian cuisene in Moscow attract as the residents of the capital as visitors by its traditional national dishes and follore specifics.

Many restaurants of C.A.D carefully preserve and revive old recipies whhich were used for cooking viands even for Russian tsars.

Especially attractive Russian restaurants in Moscow the interior of which is executed in old Russian traditions.

To such restaurants refers the "Godunov" restaurant in the centre of the city.

Today it is an indespensible item of the entartainment program admission of foreigners.

"GODUNOV" preserving original Russian traditions

Ресторан русской кухни Годунов

"Godunov" original Russian restaurant in the centre of the Moscow.

In old reflectors of 17 century where restaurant is situated,disigners tried the maximum retain the style of antiquity.

The visitors of the restaurant of Russian causine "Godunov"get in a magnificent,truly imperial mansion.

Here and gilded ceelings,decorated with impaccable ornament and the real oak tables and chairs arty-carved.Even the bar is presented in the form of a fairytale tower.

The painting of the walls one-to-one simulates the finishing of boyars chambers in Russia.

Restaurant in the centre of Moscow is established in the folk-style and fully meet him.Here are even native Russian suits for waiters.The musical accomponiment is a performance of the ensamble performing Russian folk songs and beside it you can enjoy the touching jipsy romances.

Choosing restaurant for the wedding stop to this,here is everything the solemn day became unforgettable.

Russian cuisine restaurant it is three original halls all of which are designed in a particular colour.Interior items and utensils in "red","green" and "yellow" rooms corespondto a given colour and create a unique atmosphere of coriness and warmth.Decorated with intricate painting which has been alredy lasting for more than 400 years,the low ceilings are presented in the form of domes,which gives the room a special flavor.

The existance of a VIP room,for 8 to 10 people,is an ideal solution for the people who wants to have a dinner in the restaurant of Russian cuisine in a close company wishing to isolate themselves and hide from the eyes of the rest of the visitors.

There is a bar in the restaurant waiting for the funs to drink a glass of fine liquer,made in accordance with old Russian recipies.

You can always book a table at the restaurant and at the appointed time you will be hospitably welcomed by our polite maitre d who will escort you to the table.

Many residents of the capital,evaluated our hospitality,traditionally hold banquets in a Russian restaurant in the centre of Moscow "Godunov".

The service is organized here at the highest level,allthough it is not the most expensive restaurant but traditional Russian cuisine peerles tasty.

The foreign guests coming to Moscow from all over the world,seeking to learn more about our culture and food,are seeking to visit us:old Russian flavor successfully suplemented by modern elements.

Here is a place where you can relax like a king.


What is it,real Russian wedding? It is funny songs,dances,delicious bread and,of course,a banquet with traditional dishes.Real Russian wedding can be arranged in the restaurant "Godunov".

Folk songs,old recipes will make this day special and memorable for all life long.The interior of restaurant "Godunov"dip you into atmosphere of ancient Russia,and you will feel yourself like prince and princes.Restaurant "Godunov"is the perfect place for a Russian wedding.


Restaurant in the centre of Moscow "Godunov" will like true lovers of ancient Russian cuisine.A huge variety of traditional dishes,from Gurievsky poridge with honey,nuts and raisins up to dumplings with bear -meat and pancakes with caviar and cranberry sauce,will please any gourment.

As we know traditional Russian cuisine began its development in 9-10 centuries and reach the top of its development in 15-16 centuries.

Just at that time they began to appear and preserve,to our days,recipes of Russian dishes.

First of all it is bread-the head of everythig:first bread was baked from sour dough.

Beside bread various farinaceous dishes received a wide spreding;bagels and wheel,buns,pies,pancakes and fritters.

All of these products were prepared mainly from sour dough,which was very typical for traditional Russian cuisine and nowadays.

The Russian people have always liked sour dishes and drinks;which can be confermed by a great variety of kvas and jelly amd a pourige which is familiar to us now,was ariginally of a cult and ritual character.

Russian mistress,seeking to diversify their diet,used meat and fish,berries and mushrooms,fruit and vegetables.

From ancient times the Russians enjoy special popularity saurkraut,soaked cranberries and apples-these Russian dishes allowed to fill the body with vitamins,to strenghen the health.

In addition,the traditional Russian cuisine it is also a special way of preparation of dishes in Russian oven.In this case the food is not fried and can be extinguished,languished,baked,steamed and boiled,becoming extremely useful for health.

Among the most famouse dishes,popular and today,in the menu of Russian restaurant are sour shchi(cabbage soup),pancakes,hash.

Soup shchi was famouse as among rich as among poor population of Russia.

Real Russian shchi is prepared anly in Russian stove,where they languish a few hours it have been ready.

The necessary components are:cabbage,sour ingredients water,sour cream,apples or dock.Beside it the necessary addings are:meat,greens,parsley,dill,green onion,garlic and carrots,and in some cases mushrooms.

Traditional Russian soup must have two variations:one neutral such as fresh cucumbers,turnips,potatoes and the second with a pronounced taste(celery,tarragon,parsley).Other ingredients of hash are: fish, chicken, beef. Moreover it is usually composed of sour cream and boiled eggs.The ready dish is flavoured with mustard, pepper and salt.

The menu of Russian restaurant "Godunov"is delicious mouth-watering dishes,which enjoyed the boyars and merchants of pre-Petr Russia.

Here you can find various pickles,dumplings,pies and pancakes with different fillings,as well as traditional soups,pouriges and much more else.

Here you can also find various meat dishes:royally baked goose,rack of lamb,roasted venison,loin of beef,delicate pate of hare,pheasant old.

Will be appreciated by a great variety of fish specialties:dishes of salmon,pike-perch,sturgeon and salmon.

Russian restaurant "Godunov"with cheerfulness will receive you,and a pleasant atmosphere and incredible delicious dishes of Russian cuisine will make you return here again and again.